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Our Story
A visual glamour of Architecture with the quality of Italian craftmanship.
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Drawing inspiration from buildings and architecture, Daissy Ornelas’ limited edition collection of luxury women’s shoes merges its founder’s love for structured lines with the quality of the Italian footwear manufacturing tradition.

With its modern glamour, vibrant color combinations, smooth lines, and precious materials, Daissy Ornelas’ designs evoke the spirit of the Art Deco movement, with a particular reference to its architectural style — short for Arts Décoratifs, this artistic movement originated in early 20th century France and was characterized by its rich, contrasting colors, bold geometry, and sleek opulence.

Hand-made in limited quantity Daissy Ornelas’ designs feature
vibrant color combinations,
smooth lines,
and luxe

The artisanal nature of the manufacturing process not only guarantees increased softness, flexibility, and transpiration but also ensures each piece of footwear to be exclusive and original.

Handcrafted in Northern Italy by a factory with over 60 years of experience within the field of Italian luxury footwear, Daissy Ornelas’ shoes are made exclusively out of premium Italian leather, carefully selected and meticulously stitched by the hands of skilled artisans.

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Meet the Team

Raised in Los Angeles, California, Daissy Ornelas discovered her love for Architecture at a young age, when she accompanied her mother on regular weekend shopping trips to Downtown LA.. Her passion for architecture grew when she traveled around Europe, falling in love with its landscapes and architectural masterpieces. Art Deco, in particular, became one of her favourite forms of artistic expression, with some of her favourite architects including William Van Allen and Claud Beelman. Interior Designers such as Erté and Kelly Wearstler also provide her with regular source of inspiration.


It was during a trip to Italy, that her love for footwear was ultimately ignited. Upon her return, and fresh with determination, she made the decision to dedicated herself full-time to her passion. Successfully pursuing her dream of merging both her love for footwear and architecture into her own exclusive line of unique, architecture-inspired,

luxury womens footwear.

Our team is small but mighty. Daissy Ornelas is the Founder and Creative Director who splits her time between the UK and Los Angeles. Recently, Federica Elettra De Pasquale joined the brand as Director, based in Milan, overseeing operations, forecasting and market research. 

We are excited to grow our women-owned brand into an inclusive and diverse team.